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When you get a massage, it’s so easy to feel self-conscious. For whatever reason, people’s minds can move a mile a minute when they think about the physical and emotional vulnerability that comes with receiving bodywork.

My job as a therapist is to help you relax into the experience. So, why not start now? If you’re reading this before your session, here are 5 things I want you to stop worrying about.

1. Stubble

On your legs. On your underarms. On your upper lip. Anywhere.

Life moves fast. Some mornings, you forget to shave. Maybe you’ve had a lot going on and haven’t shaved in a while. And sometimes, a cool breeze in the massage room makes you stubble up.

I’m here to tell you: I’m not offended, grossed out, or judging your body hair. As your therapist, judging you isn’t part of my job description. Making you feel accepted, comfortable, and nurtured? That is.

2. Body Functions

I’ll say it: Some people pass gas during their session. Some people get a little sweaty, or their feet get super cold. Some people experience strong emotions that rise to the surface after days, weeks, or even years of repression. Tears or laughter are sometimes reactions to bodywork.

Ultimately, it’s okay.

There are many physical reactions you can have to the deep relaxation and pressure relief that comes with bodywork. This is nothing to be ashamed of. To me, it indicates that I’m doing my job and helping you heal!

3. Physical Appearance

Stretch marks. Blemishes. Acne scars. Moles. Each body is and looks unique. But the best part of being a woman working with women is that I understand and respect the parts of your body that make you different.

I can recognize battle scars when I see them: signs of motherhood, of bodily changes, of one-of-a-kind beauty. Don’t be self-conscious about these unique facets of you.

4. Undressing

When it comes to getting undressed and on the table, the ball is in your court. You can undress to your own level of comfort. No matter what that means to you, my work will focus on healing and nurturing your body.

As your therapist, I can work on you if you’re fully nude or completely dressed. The important thing is that you’re comfortable. But as an added note, let me talk about draping.

Draping is a technique that keeps your private areas private. I know how to strategically cover your sensitive areas with clean, cozy blankets and towels. You should never feel exposed or uncomfortable. And if you don’t feel like my draping is enough protection for you, speak up. The session is all about you and your comfort!

5. Expectations

Some clients can feel concerned that they’re “just not cut out” for relaxation and massage. Some clients might be under the impression that they’re not worthy, not capable, not wanting the benefits of bodywork.

You have to let your expectations go and trust the experience.

I am a massage therapist. Allowing you to be physically and emotionally vulnerable is an important part of my job. I do my best to facilitate that “letting go” experience, whatever it means to you. But the important thing is for you to be honest with me. Share your fears, and we can work through them together.

Thank you for trusting me to be your therapist. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment, you can schedule online or give me a call.