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Those of you who are regulars at my office know that there are few things as pleasant as getting onto a massage table and finding it warm and welcoming. Heating pads have long been a staple in the massage experience, especially come colder months. But recently, I’ve discovered a unique kind of heating heating mat that has therapeutic benefits unto itself. For my skeptics, don’t shudder – it’s called a Far Infrared Amethyst Mat. It might sound “out there,” but don’t turn away just yet!

Amethysts have long been purported to have healing, purifying qualities. These striking stones have a history around the world as being highly valuable, regardless of tradition. Christian bishops and Catholic clergy wore the stones as both a status symbol and a sign of purity. In ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, the stone was synonymous with luxury. Even now, the beautiful color of this unique variety of quartz makes it a lovely decorative choice. But the amethysts weren’t necessarily the focus of my interest when I came across this heating pad.

How it works…

The mat uses Far Infrared Heat to mimic the warming, soothing effects of lying out in the sun, minus the harmful UV rays. Have you ever noticed the drowsy, relaxed feeling you get after lying outside on a summer day? This heating mat provides a very similar feeling by warming up the stones beneath you, allowing you to enjoy sustained heat across your entire body. According to the Global Healing Center, Far Infrared Heat can aid in detoxification, fat loss, water retention, and much more. By expanding your capillaries to increase blood flow and allowing your body to naturally sweat out impurities, the heating mat can aid those who are looking for overall stimulation to their bodies, while promoting the deepest kind of relaxation.

There’s more to the mat than heat, too. The mat has a Negative Ion mode, which uses an electrical current to engage what’s called the “Negative Potential Silver Fiber” layer. This layer within the mat also uses the heat to, as the manufacturer describes it, convert “the potential field surrounding the whole mat surface into a negatively charge field.” These negative ions then move through the air as invisible, odorless molecules that are usually found out in the heart of nature – areas surrounding waterfalls, beaches, or forests. Because they can be created by sunlight, moving air, and moving water, these serotonin-increasing molecules can often be absorbed on a brisk walk. But for many who spend their days in artificially-lit, air-conditioned office environments, negative ions – which can reduce depression, relieve stress, and promote greater energy – are nowhere to be found. This might sound like a whole lot of nonsense, but even WebMD agrees that negative ion generators are useful for aiding with symptoms of depression – though not a replacement for medically-supervised treatment. If you’d like to learn more about the negative ion function, I’d encourage you to read more from the manufacturer’s website.

Try it out!

Lucky for you, I have a mat you can use – and it won’t cost you hundreds of dollars! I am now offering a flat rate of $15.00 for those who would like to give the mat a try. For this price, you can spend up to thirty minutes on the mat either before or after your regular session. (Quick tip: Most clients benefit most when they choose to use the mat before their session, so their muscles are more pliable on the massage table! But, if you have a busy day ahead of you, it might also be nice to wind down and let your session soak in with a few minutes on the mat after your massage. The choice is up to you!) If you’d like to give the Far Infrared Amethyst Mat a try, you can simply add it as an extra when you book online or mention it if you call to schedule.

I’m always looking for new opportunities to provide relief and relaxation to my clients. I look forward to hearing your feedback as I incorporate this product into my massage practice!