“Having never had massage before, I was nervous about giving it a try. But from my first session (during clinic hours), Connie immediately put me at ease and helped me become truly comfortable on the table. Her draping techniques keep you feeling covered and modest. She also does a wonderful job of checking in on how you’re feeling during the session. I’ve had many massages from her since she started her practice, and I’ve left each one feeling rested, relaxed, and relief from soreness and muscle tension.”
Abigail H.
“Connie Hodde is one of the best massage therapists I’ve been to! She is very intuitive, compassionate and present during the whole session. She also has wonderful hands!! Magical even!!!”
Anne S.
“Excellent massage technique & very relaxing atmosphere.”
Beth C.
“Very soothing environment and a very intuitive massage. I would definitely return!”
Cara B.
“I have received many sessions from Connie; she has such a warm, caring and compassionate presence. I always feel so at ease and safe when I am on her table. Whether you are seeing Connie just to relax or to resolve a specific issue, each session is uniquely tailored to your needs, and will leave you feeling blissful.”
Donna S.
“An amazing woman who knows how to relax you when you’re stressed and sore.”
Edith A.
“Connie is one of the best massage therapists I have had the pleasure to work with. She has a thorough knowledge of the body’s anatomy and a skilled therapeutic touch. I would highly recommend her!!”
Erica C.
“Without a doubt, one of the best massage therapists I have ever been to. Connie takes her time, allowing the patient to ease into treatment. She has little touches to her practice that ‘pamper’ you… warm towels with lemon oil, comfortable blankets to lie under, beautiful calm music in the background, and not to mention her quiet, caring and graceful personality! Her massage technique is a wonderful combination of relaxation and deep therapeutic muscle work. I am sending everyone I know to her!”
Erica C.
“Massage was awesome, and very relaxing.”
Grace P.
“Loved it!! Was SO relaxed! I will definitely go back!!”
Hannah S.
“Connie is an excellent massage therapist. She makes you feel comfortable, is attentive, and gives the type of massage that allows you to fully relax. I would highly recommend everyone to get a massage from Connie!”
Jessica B.
“I always feel so much better after a massage. Thank you Connie.”
Kathleen M.
“Connie does amazing work. I was in severe pain, barely able to turn my head, shower or even put a shirt on, after what felt like tearing a muscle. Connie saw me and after just a 1/2 hour and a prescription of an ice pack, I was able to clean and help my friends move out of their apartment. Connie makes you feel welcomed and listens to you and interprets what your body is telling her. I can’t recommend her enough!”
Kellsey H.
“WOW is such a little word for the incredible massage experience with Connie. I have had a fair amount of massages over the years and this one was outstanding! Thank you, Connie!”
Kimberly Z.
“I have been to several massage therapists and Connie is the best. She is very knowledgeable and intuitive in her practice. I instantly felt comfortable and confident with her care.”
Lydia A.
“Connie is an amazing practitioner. Her knowledge of various techniques has been a very rewarding and beneficial experience. I would recommend her for anyone regardless of any particular issues you may have. She works wonders!”
Maria A.
“Facebook reminds us of events and photos that we’ve posted in the past. Recently, I was reminded of old posts and photos I shared with friends of all the meds I was taking while I was sick. It seems that every winter season for 20+ years, I have had some sort of sinus issue or upper respiratory infection. But this year – nothing!!! I have not even had the slightest cold, sinus, or respiratory ailment. I attribute this to the regular massage treatments I have been receiving since November. I can’t thank you enough. Just looking at all the bottles of meds and prescriptions makes me ill… but massage is truly a holistic therapy. It has effect on both body and mind. Today, I stretch easily, have better range in motion, my back aches are less severe, my mind and nervous system have changed. My breathing is more frequently recognized; meaning that before I forgot to breathe at times. Now, I feel my breathing. I so look forward to regular therapeutic massage. It has made a world of difference in my life. Thanks, Connie.”
Maria M.
“Connie was wonderful. Felt so relaxed and was very accommodating to my work schedule. So happy she is close to home.”
Nicole A.
“Connie puts you at ease as soon as you walk through her door. Her massage room has a great atmosphere, and you will leave feeling better than when you came in. Connie makes sure to spend quality 101 time with you before and after, to really get to know who you are and what types of massages would benefit you best. It also helps to build a relationship of trust between the both of you, which is vital to a true relaxing massage session. Great prices and great care!”
Rebekah A.
“You feel relaxed and welcome from the moment you step in to the room. This sets the stage for THE MOST amazing massage experience. I have chronic back pain and arthritis and honestly say that after the massage I felt the best I have in ages. Do not hesitate to call and make an appointment, you will not be sorry. Thanks, Connie! :)”
Sue C.
“Without a doubt Connie provided the best massage I’ve ever had! Excellent atmosphere, complete professionalism, thorough yet relaxing and caring. Can’t imagine any better!”
Susan C.