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Therapeutic Massage for Women Introduces: Cupping Therapy

By February 24, 2022Uncategorized

Cupping therapy, as I have discussed in my previous blog post “My Experience with Cupping,” is an ancient practice used in traditional medicine, which involves local suction to points on the skin. This suction is thought to loosen and lift connective tissue, increasing blood flow to tense or sore areas on the body, and is even used in skin rejuvenation practices to promote cell repair. This time-honored practice has been implemented all over the globe, and is subject to ongoing clinical studies in regards to its benefits.

And this year, I am excited to announce that I will be adding cupping therapy to my practice, by way of a new team member!

Meet Abby!

Abby Scaglione is a graduate of Finger Lakes School of Massage who earned her certificate in cupping therapy in 2021. She received her training from the International Cupping Therapy Association, and gained valuable experience working at a local chiropractic office. She is currently employed at a spa, where she combines her interests in promoting wellness and encouraging relaxation for her clients.

Starting in March, Abby will be joining my practice part-time in order to provide two kinds of cupping therapy sessions: traditional cupping therapy and facial cupping massage.

What should I expect at my appointment?

For the most part, a cupping session follows the same general principles as a massage session. You may dress down to your level of comfort, with specific adjustments made for the area of treatment. And as always, open communication between yourself and your therapist is paramount: adjustments to your specific needs are part of the process!

Abby uses silicone cups in her practice, which can be easily adjusted to your desired level of suction. In traditional cupping therapy, the cups are left to sit for a certain amount of time, during which you can simply relax. Over time, the cups will break up stagnation below the skin and draw blood to affected areas, often inducing immediate relief upon their removal. Some bruising is typical, depending on your body. Be prepared to keep the bruised areas clean and covered, in order to protect your sensitive skin.

In facial cupping massage, the cups are smaller and incorporate more massage elements designed to sooth away puffiness and circulate nutrients to the skin. Treatment includes work on the neck and upper chest as well. Facial cupping massage can potentially soften and minimize scars, fine lines, and wrinkles as well as alleviate facial tension, and it typically involves less bruising due to the constant movement of the cups. Some bruising is possible, however, so take that into account before you schedule your appointment.

As a trained practitioner, Abby will discuss follow-up care and additional treatment options with you at your appointment.

I’ve known Abby for years and have received treatments from her myself. I’m thrilled to be welcoming her into my space and sharing the benefits of cupping therapy with all of you!

Her first sessions in my office will be on March 1st, 15th, and 26th and you can begin booking with her now, through my website.