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What to Expect During Your Session

In order to give you the best, most comfortable bodywork session possible, there are certain aspects of the massage process you should be aware of before you arrive. Though I’m always available to answer questions and discuss concerns as they come up, being prepared before your session can give you peace of mind and help your massage be even more enjoyable. Here is an overview of what you can expect during your session with me.

Preparation & Intake

I’ve already provided an overview of how to prepare for your massage before you arrive at my office. Once you’ve entered my office, I’ll have you fill out an intake form that will cover your particular needs and medical history. Once you’ve filled that out to the best of your knowledge, I’ll look it over and discuss it with you. This is a time for me to evaluate whether or not there’s anything that would prevent you from being able to receive massage. This is also a time for you to ask questions, share more details, and get comfortable with me.

Getting On the Table

Next I’ll leave you to get undressed and settled on the table. You can dress down to your level of comfort, but feel free to ask me if I have any recommendations, as some bodywork is easier to perform without certain articles of clothing. I’ll instruct you as to how to position yourself. Often, I start patients on their stomachs with their faces in the face cradle, but there are exceptions – for example, during a prenatal session, you will usually be positioned on your side with a body pillow for support. For more information about a typical prenatal massage session, feel free to look over my “What to Expect During Your Prenatal Session” guide.

If you have any questions about how to position yourself, feel free to ask. The most important thing is to lie down in a way that feels comfortable. During the session, I will have you change positions as I address specific needs, and if anything is ever uncomfortable or you’d like to move, please tell me. Additionally, take as much time as you need undressing and getting on the table. When you’re ready for me to re-enter, just call out and let me know.

During Your Session

As we begin your session, please let me know if you require more or less blankets, a change in temperature, or any other adjustment. Music will be playing quietly in the background to create a soothing atmosphere. (My musical library is always growing and I appreciate requests and suggestions for future appointments.) There are two important things to remember: First, to try to be open to the massage experience, especially if it’s your first time getting a massage. Second, that the session is your time, and if you ever want me to change something or try a certain technique, I’m open to suggestions. Open lines of communication can help you get the most out of your session.


During your massage, your comfort and modesty are my priority. Draping is a technique used by professional massage therapists to ensure that only the area being worked on is exposed. This provides the maximum amount of modesty possible. I can also adjust your coverage at your request. As with any other aspect of the session, if you’re uncomfortable, you’re welcome to speak up.

Ending Your Session

Your massage will have a flow to it, and as the session winds down, you should feel evenly worked. Once I’ve completed your massage, I will leave you to get up from the table and re-dress. It’s very common for clients to feel tired and even slightly light-headed as they get up, so feel free to take your time getting off of the table and ask if you require assistance. I will provide water for you to drink, as it’s very important to re-hydrate after your massage. Once you’ve re-dressed and called me back in, we can discuss how you think your session went and allow some time for readjustment. After a massage, take your time before jumping back into your daily tasks – listen to your body. Don’t be surprised if you feel drained. And remember, the effect of massage is usually cumulative, so as you continue to receive bodywork, you should notice increasing benefits.


At my practice, I neither require nor accept gratuities. If you’d like to show your appreciation, referrals and follow-up appointments are always welcome.